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Visit to Castle Neuschwanstein

One of Bavaria's most storied gems is Neuschwanstein castle, Mad King Ludwig's vision quest that the King never got to see finished.

A visit to Neuschwanstein is a must for anyone traveling to Munich.


Erding – At the world's largest wheat beer brewery, tradition and progress go hand in hand.

Erding, Germany

Today, beer connoisseurs around the world regard this traditional specialty beer from Erding in Bavaria, whose origins date back to 1886, as the ultimate in wheat beer enjoyment. The brewery tours are extremely popular with wheat beer

Things to see in Erding:

- St Johann Church - Museum of local history - Open-air museum of historical peasant life - Two towers “Schöner Turm” and “Stadtturm”

Contact Information: Erding Tourist Office Landshuter Strasse 12 85435 Erding Tel: +49 (8122) 558 488 Fax: +49 (8122) 558 489 www.erding-tourist.de