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Visit to Castle Neuschwanstein

One of Bavaria's most storied gems is Neuschwanstein castle, Mad King Ludwig's vision quest that the King never got to see finished.

A visit to Neuschwanstein is a must for anyone traveling to Munich.

The Castles of Bavaria Tour

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The castles of Bavaria Tour departs by bus from the Bahnhof rail station in central Munich. The tour is available every Tuesday through Sunday. Offered by LinkParis.com/AutobusOberbayern.

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Tour Highlights

Neuschwanstein Castle

Your first stop is a visit to the famous "Disney" castle of King Ludwig II. The fairytale like Neuschwanstein castle was conceived by "Mad" King Ludwig II.

neushcwanstein castle

However, the King didn't live long enough to see its construction through to completion when he died suddenly at age 40 in 1886. No one has ever really lived in Neuschwanstein. (Today, caretakers of the castle actually do live on site!)

Seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II in 1886, Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. The shy king had built the castle in order to withdraw from public life - now vast numbers of people came to view his private refuge. This celebrated fairy tale castle has the most beautiful surroundings and the view is breathtaking. It was used as a background for the movie Sound of Neuschwanstein Castle Music in its entire glorious splendor.

Linderhof Castle

Of the three castles Ludwig II built (Neushwanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee) Linderhof was the only one the King lived long enough to see completed.

Linderhof Castle Bavaria

Linderhof palace was actually a smaller structure that Ludwig's father (Maximilian II) used as a hunting lodge. Upon ascending to the crown in 1864 Ludwig set about enlarging and updating the structure.